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The Harmonic Generator combines modern technology with simplicity. Additionally, it can work with new and upcoming HARMONIC Ultrasonic and ENSEAL Advanced Bipolar Devices. It employs the Gen11 ETHICON generator to supply adequate power. Easy device connection, instrument recognition, and compact design add to its usefulness

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This state of the art LCD comes with a stunning display and the feature to auto-summarise. Cardiart 6208 can analyse, quantify and interpret the data precisely within a built-in framework that simultaneously receives 12 leads. With this clinicians will receive an improved, fast and direct diagnosis

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These O.T lights use a plethora of features and also serve all the lighting needs of an operating theatre. With the Endo mode and backlit LCD screen, these OT Lights have all the parameters for hands-free operation. They also claim a battery life of more than 40,000 hours

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The stryker camera system comes with the 4k fluorescence, and the whole system is controlled using the Connected OR Hub for uninterrupted connectivity. This system has 5 different imaging options, and the 1588 AIM camera comes with 9 different camera settings

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