ECG Holter & ABPM

Holter systems for ECG and blood pressure monitoring

Holter ECG

BPL’s Holter monitors can be helpful in situations where someone has to be tracked continuously to check for symptoms or to track the effect of medications on the body. The Holter allows a doctor to monitor your ECG for at least 24 hours, and when used in conjunction with BPL’s innovative software, it may provide you with statistically significant and valuable information about your health.

Trak 48

An ultra-compact and lightweight digital holter that can identify pacemakers with excellent fidelity and high-level performance...

Ambulatory BP Monitor

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors (ABPMs) are Holters that allow specialists to continually measure blood pressure for 24-48 hours while the patient goes about his or her daily activities. All of the BPL blood pressure monitors have a sleek design that is both, portable and comfortable to wear on the body. They keep track of blood pressure all day and all night and then compile the data into visually appealing graphs. With this thorough information, you will be able to track the progress of your therapy and make more informed decisions with confidence.

BPL Walk T1

With SunTech's revolutionary motion-tolerant technology, the Walk T1 system sets the standard for 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure...