Diagnostic X-Ray

With BPL’s proprietary TouchX technology, they have made new waves in Surgical imagery which allows Digital Preview Collimation, Laser Aimer Operations, Real-time Image Management, and  Live Fluoroscopy display.

Mobile X-ray Solutions

The Mobile X-Ray system from BPL is perfect for regular check-ups. Users will find this product to be efficient, reliable, and very user-friendly. mAs settings allow for better positioning and easier reach.

M-RAD 3.6+

M-RAD from BPL makes sure that only the required dose is emitted during the period of exposure, while simultaneously...

M-RAD 100

Ideal for ORs, intensive care, and patient wards, this 100mA, 100 PPS mobile X-ray system is easy to use and comes with...

Fixed X-ray Solutions

BPL’s fixed X-ray system is designed to address imaging needs in all clinical settings. It enables imaging of the skull, chest, extremities, spine, and abdomen, and choice of diagnostic bucky tables.

X-RAD 100

Combining intuitive user experience and tube head movement, BPL X-Rad is a 100 mA x-ray solution with a 100 PPS line...