About Us

Mastel Medical Systems is a supplier of the latest and best medical technology, and we aim to be pioneers in the current age of technology-aided healthcare.

Formed in 1997, we have formed ties with some of the top-tier medical equipment manufacturers in the country as well as abroad. Currently, we are the official suppliers of BPL manufactured equipment in the Varanasi region.

All items on our website are readily available, and the offerings are constantly updated and expanded. We ship across India and ensure a great experience for our clients every time.

Our Vision

We believe in a vision to take the Indian healthcare industry into its next stage, and we are playing a lead role in this process by bringing world-class equipment into the hands of Indian medical professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sense of deep trust within our clients by ensuring that our products are truly helping them achieve flawless service provision and also to curate a B2B online space for the end-to-end needs of medical practitioners. We have put together a handpicked team and a list of top-tier vendors to ensure that we fulfill our mission at every step.

Organizational Values

We are always aimed at bettering ourselves, and thus we follow a strict set of values to lead the organization.
  • Client-centric: Our primary goal is always to ensure that our customers achieve true value in our products.
  • Transparency: We believe in being accountable, hence our entire process from sourcing to shipping is completely transparent.
  • Resource-focused: The employees at Mastel Medical Systems are always equipped with the best possible resources.
  • Ethical process: We hold every node of our organization to the highest ethical standards.

Ensuring Quality

Here at Mastel Medical Systems, quality is of paramount importance to us. We are always ensuring that customer expectation is met 100%, and thus we are able to build long-term relationships based on trust and quality.

Further Details


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