O.T. Tables

The Cognate SS-1200, along with the extra panel, is an advanced yet cost-effective Operating Table Remote Control designed exclusively for the ‘C’ ARM Image Intensifier. The unique design allows the device to perform exceptionally well over competitive offerings in Orthopedics, Micro-Neuro, Ophthalmology, Cardiovascular, Urology, Ob/Gyn, and ENT, among other minor or major operations. 


Salient Features

  • Column and base covers are made of Stainless Steel, which eases cleaning and improves hygiene.
  • The Electro-Mechanical driving system guarantees quiet and smooth movements of the Table Top.
  • The Table Top is positioned excentrically without cross members to maximise the accessibility of the image intensifier for both Lateral and A/P Exposures.
  • Head and Leg sections that are interchangeable and operated manually through a precise Ratchet System.
  • Operating Positions including Trendelenberg, Reverse Trendelenberg, Height Adjustment, Lateral Tilt and Back Section that can be controlled precisely and expeditiously using a lightweight Hand Control Unit.
  • Table Top is made of Radio-Translucent material providing Fluoroscopic capability.

Standard Accessories

Wrist Strap1 Pair
L-Shaped Anaesthetic Frame1 Pcs
Waterproof Rubber Mattress1 Set
Knee Crutches Goepal Type1 Pair
Shoulder Support with Pad1 Pair
Lateral Support with Pad1 Pair
Arm Board with S.S Top2 Pcs


Optional Accessories


      • Orthopedic Hand Traction Device
      • Orthopedic Leg Traction Device
      • Radio
      • Popliteal Support
      • Translucent Hand Operating Table
      • Steinmann Pin
      • Tibia Support
      • Hip Nailing Support

For Miscellaneous

      • S Drainage Tray together with drain hose
      • S TUR Drainage Tray together with drain hose and sieve
      • Cassette Holder, together with a Carrier for A.P. Radiography
      • Radiography (X-Ray) Radio-Translucent Table Top
      • S Lateral Cassette Holder
      • Saline Drip Rod together with Clamp
      • Adjustable Arm Support together with cushion
      • S. Instrument Tray together with frame hanger
      • S. Mayo’s tray together with frame hanger

For Neurosurgery

    • ‘M’ type face Head Rest
    • Spinal Bridge
    • Neurosurgical Attachment for Sitting Up-position/Prone Head Rest
    • Sugita Head Clamp for Sitting/Prone Position
    • 3 Pin Skull-Clamp for the Micro-Neuro-Surgery