O.T. Lights

All the parameters of the light head can also be controlled by gestures alone through our unique touch-free control
system which not only allows the light to be controlled in a sterile fashion but also adds redundancy to the system


Endo Mode

The “Endo” mode typically supports the colour control of light

LCD Display

The backlit LCD screen displays all the control parameters of light

Hands-free Sensor

The unique touch-free control system controls all the light head parameters, adding redundancy to the system and allowing the sterile control of light.

  • Top/Bottom

    • For Mode Selection
    • Intensity, Color, ON/OFF, Endo Mode ON/OFF


  • Scale / Levels of Modes

Technical Data

Colour Temperature (K)3500 – 5000
Intensity (LUX)160000 – 120000
Light Field Diameter (mm) 150-300
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)95
Main Power Supply (V)
No.of LED
18 + 12
Led Life (hours)40000
Dia. of Lamphead (mm)500 + 500